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Both the company and its founder, Przemysław Krych, are strongly involved in charitable, environmental and philanthropic activities. We believe that being aware of and participating in local activities a huge positive impact on the development and improvement of the local community and should be one of the main goals of every business.

#StandWithUkraine 💛💙

In the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the spread of disinformation by the occupant, the Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation and its partners established a Fund for Ukraine dedicated to direct support of journalists and publishers in the war zone. We established an everyday communication with a group of 50 media organisations regarding the flow of information and coordination of needs of media in Ukraine and donors' resources. This group is led by Global Forum for Media Development, and all key players are there, including INMA, WAN-IFRA, RSF, IPI, EJF, EC etc, as well as Ukrainian organisations: Lviv Media Forum, National Union of Journalists, Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine, National Association of Media, Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine, Yesterday we had a briefing, during which priorities were discussed. Media and journalistic organisations from the Nordic countries have joined our Fund: Bonnier News from Sweden, Danish Newspapers Association, Finnish Media Federation, News Media Finland, Norwegian Media Businesses’Association and Swedish Media Publishers’ Association.

As of 18.04.2022 we managed to gather over 442.872 EUR the official web site of the fund.

The collected funds will be used to purchase the equipment necessary for journalists working in war zones, financial support for journalists and media organisations in Ukraine, according to the needs list presented by the Fix Media (the initiator of the European fundraiser) and the Ukrainian Union of Journalists, as well as the relocation of journalists to Poland and other EU countries. To this end, the fund is cooperating with the media and organisations in Ukraine and other parts of Europe. The Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation is a non-for profit organisation funded by the largest Polish legacy newspaper, Gazeta Wyborcza, and is dedicated to safeguarding democracy and freedom of speech. Przemysław Krych is an Honourable Donor and Friend of Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation and the funder of our Investigative Journalism Fund.

Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation, in the name of the Fund, signed the Perugia Declaration for Ukraine, a call for increased support of independent media and journalists in Ukraine

Collaboration with Journalism Founders Forum (, and a strategic group of philantropical and investment organisations willing to support the fund. This is the JFF initiative to help rising funds for long-term goals of the Fund.

Cooperation with Media Support, Committee to Protect Journalists and newly founded JX Fund, providing them with knowledge of the Ukrainian media situation, needs and necessary contacts.

Support for the independent of political parties and leaders: an international magazine Sestry, for Ukrainian women all over the world.


Mention should also be made of the charitable foundations which were co-financed by the company and its founder, in a total amount of PLN 11 million over the last 5 years. It is mainly the Jan Karski Educational Foundation which aims to familiarise the next generations with the legacy of Jan Karski – a diplomat, courier for the Polish Underground State and lecturer at the Georgetown University. He became the world’s symbol of civic responsibility, defence of Human Rights and establishment of social relations based on tolerance and openness – values that are increasingly under threat.

Related to the life of Jan Karski there is a book by Clark Young and Derek Goldman “Rember This - The lesson of Jan Karski”. Bringing the story of Jan Karski, a Holocaust witness who risked his life to carry reports from war-torn Poland to the Allied nations and Oval Office. Despite the West’s disbelief, Karski continued to tell others about the atrocities he saw, and would do so for the rest of his life. This play carries forward his legacy of bearing witness. Przemysław Krych and Andrzej Rojek are mentioned in the acknowledgments.


For nearly seven years, actor David Strathairn has committed himself to telling the story of Jan Karski, a World War II hero who, for decades after the war, refused to tell it himself. Here is the story.


In July 2023 Przemysław Krych was also awarded with the Pro Patria Medal - the medal is awarded to mark special merit in strengthening and treasuring the memory of the Polish people's fight for the independence.

In July 2023 Przemysław Krych was awarded with a commemorative medal from Ruch Młodzieży Niezależnej (Independent Youth Movement) celebrating the 40 anniversary of the Movement.

In November 2022 also decorated by the Chief of the Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression with the Honourary badge of Anti-communist activist repressed for political reasons.

In May 2022 Przemysław Krych was awarded with the Cross of Freedom and Solidarity. The Decoration is awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland to the activists of the anti-communist opposition between 1956 and 1989.

According to the witness statement and information obtained from the Branch Office of National Education of the Institute of National Remembrance in Szczecin and contained in the publications, it was established that Mr. Przemysław Tomasz Krych was a member of the 23 Gorzowska Scout Team and the Scout Instructors' Circle. Andrzej Małkowski (KIHAM). He also continued this activity after the introduction of martial law. On May 3, 1982, he was arrested while laying flowers at the White Cross in Gorzów Wielkopolski. He joined the Youth Resistance Movement in Gorzów Wielkopolski, an organization established after December 13, 1981 and operating until February 1983. In 1985-1989 he was a member of the Independent Youth Movement in Gorzów Wielkopolski. He printed and distributed underground publications, including the RMN magazine in Gorzów Wielkopolski "Szaniec". In May 1988, he took part in the strikes organized at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. He actively supported the reviving Independent Students' Association, became a member and then the chairman of the AMU Audit Committee.


The next project is the Griffin Art Space Foundation – which aims to support and promote young artists by organising exhibitions and various cultural events. Griffin Art Space Foundation supported and co-financed the largest events in the world of art and culture that took place in Poland including WRO International Biennale or Krakow Photo Month Festival.

2021 - Warsaw

Akademia High School - foundation of a three year program to provide scholarships for the artistically talented students.

2021 - New York

The New York University Tisch School of the Arts - scholarships founded for Polish students. 

09.2018 - Warsaw

ZBIOK "No man is an Island" - new exhibition at the Polish Word House. Sławek Czajkowski, or ZBIOK, a famous street artist, presented his latest paintings. The exhibition "No man is an Island" was created as part of the Nobody Club artistic project, for all those for whom there is no hope.

06.2018 - Poznań

Mateusz Sadowski. “Shape of the moment” - the exhibition presents the latest animated film by Mateusz Sadowski. During the implementation of three-dimensional stop-motion animation, Sadowski experimented with film, sculpture and photography practice.

06-2018 - Warsaw

MAURYCY GOMULICKI. LE JARDIN DES DÉLICES ÉLECTRIQUES - It is a new experimental artistic program, giving artists the opportunity to present their works during special artistic events taking place in the avant-garde modernist Willa Biała.

06-2018 - Kraków

Kraków Photomonth - The diverse program of exhibitions, not only photographic ones, enriched with meetings and other events, offers viewers a wide range of contemporary photography and the festival's main theme. Poles and guests from abroad, well-known and appreciated, as well as artists who are just developing their position in the artistic world, individual artists and collectives.

05-2018 - Poznań

Triple Bed Double Scotch One Pair of shoes - The exhibition is built around the idea of hotel collections that usually serve to make the space more attractive. By exploring the contexts of the former Hotel Polonez, the exhibition itself will become a controversial collection, striving to redefine its meaning.

05.2018 - Warsaw

New Media Night - cooperation between Echo Innovation Space and the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. The program aims to support educational projects and activities in the field of the latest technologies, as well as science in synergy with art.


11.2023 - the premiere of the book 'Polowanie' by Helena Kowalik and Szymon Krawiec - the story behind the scenes of arrests of Polish businessmen, and the destruction of business in Poland.

The authors dive deep into the stories of people who, within a few hours, falls from the summit to rock bottom - and with one decision by an official, loses a multimillion-dollar company. People driven to bankruptcy because they refused to pay a bribe. People that authorities tried to portray as a pedophile while in custody.

Stories that sound like fiction but happened right in front of us in our country - and the worst part is that everything was under the supervision of the government, the judiciary and authorities.

Narratives that may seem unbelievable to many for occurring in the 21st century - yet they happened, remaining kept in secret to the press and media.

One of the stories is about Przemysław Krych - the founder of Cornerstone Investment Management. 

The problem is major and is in the system - it occurs both at the local level in Polish counties among small communities entangled in local arrangements, as well as at the central level where political directives for major arrests are issued.

The message about another detained businessman spreads worldwide and affects even the smallest entrepreneurs. If people see on television that law enforcement officers are handcuffing the wealthiest individuals making front-page news, it is all the more likely that they might come knocking on the doors of small and medium-sized companies, using any pretext to destroy the results of their life's work.

The authors mission was to find a tool, and warn, maybe even prevent entrepreneurs which try to achieve their goal in building a successful company from collapsing. At the end of the book the reader finds even tips on how to prepare himself for this occasion. 

10.2023 - Public hearing at the ODIHR Warsaw Human Dimension Conference 2023 organised by the Open Dialogue Foundation

One of the speakers - Przemysław Krych and the publication of the report. 'Punishing Philanthropy in Poland - the case of Przemysław Krych.'

For the first time, an array of high-profile entrepreneurs and executives who fell victim to arbitrary detention, corruption attempts and other forms of state harassment.

link to the full report:

04.2023 - Przemysław Krych becomes a Member of the Foundation Council in FOUNDATION MEDIA LIBERATION FUND

The fund is established by people of the media from the environment of Gazeta Wyborcza. And people that support free media
in Central and Eastern Europe.

for more details:

2021, 2022, 2023 - Holidays and Szlachetna Paczka Campaign. #pomaganiejestfajne

December brings the time when families get together and enjoy happy moments, sitting around the table and forgetting about the daily routine. For some moments like this are very rare - some of us struggle to even have a normal dinner during the holidays and try to find a way to tie both ends. Every year our team opened their hearts and shared with the ones in need - this is also one of the reasons why our team is so unique.
2021 was the fisrt time we joined the great initiative. 2022, we made the Holidays, a bit more joyful for two families in the Szlachetna Paczka campaign.

In 2023 this became our tradition, that by the end of the year, we show that biusness is not anly about deals.

We would like to encourage everyone to join our initiative next year - together we can fulfil the dreams of people in need.

For some a little can be to someone, something very special. 


2021 - Lets help together - #niekupujadoptuj (don't buy.. adopt)

The World Animal Day - so we always help, in our charity collection for animal shelters. This year we delivered all packages to Ochota na Kota and Fundacja Judyta.